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Why settle for the old way of doing things when it comes to supporting your printers? There was a time when most companies would simply buy toners without thinking of what printers they needed to get the work that needed to be done by their staff.

No one really paid attention to the office laser printer because the thinking was, if it was one cent a page or three cents a page, it didn’t really matter because all of the copies were happening on the big copier.

As networks have evolved, we have seen the prints once done on a single office copier get commonly distributed to smaller laser printers and MFPs. Some of this is due to their lower acquisition cost for the hardware. Also, because networks have made it so easy to print to any device, people have defaulted their printing to the device closest to their desk, regardless of the cost.

We believe there is a place for laser printers in the office. Having people print close to their desk also isn’t always a bad thing. Especially as some laser printers have come down in cost, making the cost per print really similar to some smaller MFPs vs the traditional office copier.

At one time, copiers were printing at a cost of a penny per page for black and white, give or take, and laser printers would cost three times as much. Over time, the gap between the two has tightened and now, you really need to do an assessment to see what printing makes sense at what location.

When you work with a managed print provider in Florence, the job we have is to help you optimize your print fleet as much as possible. Give us a call if you would like to chat about managed print in Florence.

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