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For those people who like to make sure their equipment is achieving the best efficiency possible, managed print will seem like a life saver as it pertains to print. Most companies have given up thinking about their laser printers, because there are too many moving parts to make it seem even possible to know exactly what is going on.

We have worked with companies in the Greensboro area for years, and we would love to show you how we can improve your utilization of your print fleet and how to avoid breaking the bank with print.

Some of the common challenges businesses face when trying to manage their printers include:

  • Which company is supposed to do the maintenance for the printers?
  • How many toners and drums do we have for each printer within our print fleet?
  • How old is this printer?
  • When was the firmware last updated?
  • How do we update firmware?
  • Do we have the right number of printers for our company size?
  • How do we get our staff to print less color?

These are the kinds of issues we resolve for companies with our print management plans. We know and understand printers, so we can put into place plans that utilize industry best practices.

We have software that will track service providers, end-of-lease timeframes, purchase dates, device locations, etc. This becomes critical when we are looking at the fleet and making recommendations about what would be best for your company. We do not believe in giving blind advice specific to your situation and your goals. Our job is to support your company and make print more simple and productive.

We help make sure you aren’t using printers that are super expensive to run, and we even let you know what printers are running at the best prices. Our passion is to take the mystery out of your print fleet, so you can make wise business decisions about your printer.

If you would like to chat about print management in Greensboro or High Point, please give us a call!

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