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Have you ever had something in your household budget that seemed like a small cost, but when you really track it, you’re surprised by how much is actually spent on this item. It could be anything from your phones, daily coffee, gas or healthcare costs.

Some of the costs in life that feel smaller can be the ones that add up to significant totals at the end of the year as part of our personal budgets. We have found that printers are this way within an IT budget. They seem to add up because a lot of the costs trickle in, and no one pays close attention because of the small price tag on the incoming invoices.

“Small” Invoices Add Up

You could get an invoice for a couple of toner cartridges for $139 each. Then maybe there was a repair with parts that cost $280, and a drum was needed for $160. Finally, there was help needed to get the printer to connect correctly to some computers for $125.

None of these by themselves will cause a business much grief with the budget. However, when you have this expense times 10 printers in the same month, it could become a much higher cost. (If you want to do the math: ($139*2)+$280+$160+125) = $843*10 printers = $8,340 in one month of printing.)

This may not be a typical month, but it can easily happen when you are on a plan that puts you on the hook for everything. Even if this was all you paid for in a year (which it won’t be), would it be easier to pay $700 a month or spend $8,340 all in one month?

Managed print makes less risk for you, since all your printers are on a plan at a monthly, fixed cost-per-print (rather than exposing you to buying all the toners at the same time. Managed print works best when you have more printers not currently under a plan today.

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