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The last thing most business owners want to spend their valuable time on is their printer fleet. If you have more than 10 printers, you need to look at how the printers are doing, but many companies take the approach of, “if I didn’t hear about it, then it’s going great!”

Taking an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to printers is common, but can end up creating more headaches than it solves. First of all, let’s look at a few places where ignoring printers can hurt your business.

Security – Most companies these days are aware of the importance of keeping their computer networks safe. If your team has invested thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on firewalls, security training and anti-ransomware protection, doesn’t looking at the printer’s security make sense, too? It can be an area of vulnerability when not accounted for.

Mission-Critical Stations – Some printers are mission-critical, meaning without that one device, sales or revenue start to suffer. Any printer in such a location needs to have a plan in place for the time it eventually has issues (they all will at some point.)

Decentralized Purchasing Policies – This creates issues where one person or office spends $89 for a toner cartridge, and at another, they spend $169 for the same toner. Having centralized policies protects users who aren’t worried about the company’s financial obligations for the supplies being ordered.

We know and understand managed print is all about cooperation with our clients. We need to understand their goals and priorities for print and then put policies and procedures in place to support these objectives. Company managers can go back to ignoring the printers, but this time they know they are being handled and cared for according to company goals.

If you would like to talk about managed print in Jackson, give us a call. We would love to help.

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