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Managed print is often a neglected part of even a mature company’s IT program. The enterprise-level company commonly has services such as managed IT services, managed HR, and outsourced marketing. When a company signs up for these services, it is generally because they recognize they don’t have either the time or the talent in house to do the work needed for that task.

Managing printers can seem like it would be simple. Just buy a toner or a drum when it runs out. However, it may surprise you to know how much more there is to managed print services (MPS) than you might think. For example, let’s say you have a small printer in the office, and it costs three cents per black-and-white print and 15 cents per color print (both of those are high, but common for small desktop units.)

Now the office keeps growing, and you are doing 3,000 pages of color and 5,000 pages of black and white per month. You could actually save about seven cents a page with a bigger unit, which would equate to $210 per month. Now that would more than pay for a bigger copier. If you have that same situation at 20 locations, this becomes a big deal.

One thing we do recognize is a single printer is rarely a good candidate for managed print. It works well to be on a cost-per-print plan, but managed print is more than simply being a service plan for your printers. It is about managing the assets, showing the exact costs, and implementing rules-based printing (like no color prints from email, for example).

When you work with a managed print provider, you will find your printers suddenly tend to have fewer issues because the right printers are in the right places. You also find your devices are accounted for, and you can easily budget for your printers as part of your IT budget. If you have 10+ printers and would like to discuss managed print services in Spartanburg, give us a call!

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