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When you run a business, one of the more important things is to know and control costs. One of the hardest areas to do this effectively can be print. Have you tried to really understand where all of your print costs are? If you have, you know this can be exceptionally challenging.

First of all, how do you determine how much a service call costs? There is lost labor at the service call location, plus the cost of the IT, plus the cost of programs IT uses to service the ticket. Then there is the cost to process the invoices for the parts that were bought, and the time to cut the check, and then checking back in with the end user.

Perhaps there are parts a technician brought in to fix the printer. Then there could be lost revenues or loss of good will. This is on one, simple service ticket.

Now what happens when you have 50 printers, and each has several service issues per year? When it comes to managed print in Tampa, all of these are factors to be considered if you are trying to manage your own print fleet.

We find most companies are not prepared to follow the costs to this level of detail, so ultimately, costs are not really followed at all, other than cost of toners and other supplies.

When we approach managing a printer fleet, we have to consider all these items, from the cost of the toners, to seeing if there are ways to reduce tech time on different printers. Because our whole business model centers around printers, it becomes crucial for us to figure out where the print fleet is costing too much money and then suggest ways to improve these printers.

We know managing print is tricky, that is why it is all we do. If you would like to learn more about how we help you manage print in Tampa, let us know. We would love to help!

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