The Business Case for Recycling Printer Cartridges


In a time when people are becoming more aware of the environment, a company’s ecological footprint is no longer just a matter of corporate social duty; it’s a business necessity. Customers, partners, and even people who want to work for the company are becoming more and more interested in how sustainable the company is. 

Even though office supplies may seem boring, they have a lot of green promise, especially when it comes to an item that is often overlooked: toner cartridges.

Toner Cartridges Have an Unnoticed Effect on the Environment

Even though toner cartridges are small, they add a lot of waste to the earth. Each cartridge that is thrown away adds to our landfills. Each cartridge has a complicated structure made of plastic, metal (aluminum and small amounts of other metals), rubber, paper, foam, and toner dust, which is made of carbon and polymers. These things, especially plastic, can take up to a thousand years to break down, which makes their effects on the world worse.

Also, making each new toner cartridge adds to carbon pollution and uses up resources that can’t be replaced. For example, it can take up to 4.8 kg of CO2 to make a single new cartridge.

Still, toner refills can be recycled, and they should be. Some companies take them apart and use the parts for something else. Others use them to make new cartridges, which helps the suitable market grow. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges are praised for their long life and high quality, but an organization’s environmental footprint can be greatly reduced by using recycled cartridges. Sometimes a more prudent strategy is getting OEM supplies, and then recycling those for the downstream users who are more concerned about cost than cartridge quality.

ManagedPrint’s Toner Recycling Program was the first of its kind.

We at ManagedPrint are at the front of this change for the better. We offer our clients an easy-to-use, free recycling service. You can send us your used cartridges using pre-paid shipping labels, and we’ll make sure they are scrapped or remade in a responsible way. By putting special boxes near printers or copiers that get a lot of use, we make it easier for offices to switch from throwing things away to recycling.

Work with ManagedPrint to make an impact that will last.

If you are in charge of a large number of printers, you might want to work with us on a cartridge recycling scheme. Our method cuts down on the damage you do to the world and doesn’t require much more work from your team. As more businesses try to figure out how they affect the environment, ManagedPrint is ready to help them make the change to being good corporate citizens. 

Together, we can make throwing away toner refills, which might seem like a small thing, a big step toward sustainability. Contact ManagedPrint today to get a printer fleet recycling program initiated.


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