What Is “Follow Me” Printing and How Can It Benefit Your Organization?


Key Questions:

  1. What is Follow Me printing?
  2. How does Follow Me printing enhance tracking and auditing?
  3. How does Follow Me printing simplify printing across multiple offices?
  4. What are the security benefits of Follow Me printing?
  5. How can Follow Me printing save costs and benefit the environment?

Efficiency and flexibility are key to maintaining productivity. One innovative solution that addresses these needs is Follow Me printing.

ManagedPrint offers this advanced printing solution to help businesses streamline their printing processes, enhance security, and reduce costs.

This blog will explore what Follow Me printing is and how it can benefit your organization.

What Is Follow Me Printing?

Follow Me printing is a secure and flexible printing solution that allows users to send print jobs to a centralized print server and retrieve their documents from any authorized printer within the network.

This means that employees can print documents at their convenience, from any location, without being tied to a specific printer.

Enhancing Tracking and Auditing

One of the significant benefits of Follow Me printing is its ability to integrate with tracking and auditing systems. By using Follow Me printing, businesses can:

  • Track Print Jobs: Monitor who is printing what, when, and where, providing detailed insights into printing habits and identifying potential areas for cost savings.
  • Audit Trails: Maintain comprehensive audit trails that help in compliance and security management. Knowing who printed which documents and when can be crucial for regulatory compliance and internal audits.
  • Cost Allocation: Allocate printing costs accurately to different departments or projects based on actual usage, leading to better budget management.

Simplifying Printing Across Multiple Offices

Follow Me printing is particularly beneficial for organizations with multiple offices. Employees who frequently travel between different locations can benefit from:

  • Driverless Printing: Users do not need to install drivers for every printer they might use. The system automatically shows available printers based on their current location.
  • Flexible Device Access: If a specific printer is out of paper or experiencing issues, employees can simply release their print job at another available printer, ensuring they can retrieve their documents without delay.
  • Localized Printer Lists: When employees move from one office to another, such as from Nashville to Atlanta, the system updates the list of available printers to match the new location’s network, streamlining the printing process.

Security Benefits of Follow Me Printing

Follow Me printing enhances security in several ways:

  • Secure Release: Print jobs are only released when the user authenticates at the printer, either by badging in or entering a PIN. This prevents sensitive documents from sitting unattended in printer trays.
  • Compliance Support: By ensuring that documents are only printed when the user is present, Follow Me printing helps organizations comply with privacy regulations and protect sensitive information.
  • Reduced Unauthorized Access: Since users must authenticate to release print jobs, it minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to printed materials.

Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits

Follow Me printing can lead to significant cost savings and environmental benefits:

  • Reduced Waste: Print jobs are only executed when the user is ready to collect them. If a user decides they no longer need a document, they can simply not release the print job, saving paper and toner.
  • Error Reduction: Users can cancel print jobs if they notice mistakes before printing, reducing the number of unnecessary prints.
  • Environmental Impact: By reducing unnecessary prints, Follow Me printing contributes to lower paper and ink usage, supporting environmental sustainability goals.


Follow Me printing is a powerful tool for modern businesses, offering enhanced tracking and auditing capabilities, simplified multi-office printing, robust security features, and cost savings.

ManagedPrint provides comprehensive Follow Me printing solutions that help organizations improve efficiency, protect sensitive information, and reduce their environmental footprint.

For more information on how Follow Me printing can benefit your organization, and to learn about ManagedPrint’s range of print management solutions, reach out to us today. Our team of experts is ready to help you optimize your printing processes and achieve your business goals.

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